What We Do

We offer the following services to educators interested in Powerful Learning:

School-Based Professional Development

Every school is unique, and as such every professional development experience planned for a staff should likewise be responsively unique. We customize professional development to help a staff grow in their capacity to implement powerful learning. We offer on-site workshops, coaching and facilitation. All of the workshops address the following components:

  1. What is powerful learning?
  2. Why is a shift towards powerful learning critical to student success?
  3. How do we plan for powerful learning?
  4. How can we implement powerful learning?

Powerful learning demands shared leadership, knowledge, vision and support. It is therefore expected that leadership team members will participate in the school-based professional development.

Curriculum Development

Need help with your curriculum? Our team handles all phases of integrated and interdisciplinary curriculum development from individual units to full year and multi-year curriculum plans. Whether you want to review and map your existing curriculum for coherence, or you wish to alter your curriculum through Project-Based Learning, Understanding By Design, or Common Core strategies, we have the expertise to guide you through the processes involved. If you prefer, we can also create new powerful learning units to address your needs. We specialize in designing challenging student-centered units that rely on active engagement, differentiation, and authentic assessment.


We all know how overwhelming it is to design units during the school year while also teaching, so we offer Powerful Learning Institutes during the summer months. Intended for teams of teachers and administrators sent by their schools, these four-day institutes provide intensive training in all phases of Powerful Learning from philosophy to pedagogy to educating parents and the public. With the emphasis on practicality, we guide teams as they create model Powerful Learning units for implementation the following school year. Participation includes follow up by our team during implementation for assessment and revision, either on-site or via cyber communications.